Seven Suicide Bombers Killed in Somalia

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Mogadishu-African Union forces in Somalia have shot and killed seven Al-shabaab suicide bombers.
The seven were killed on Friday afternoon after they tempted to bomb a mosque in the capital Mogadishu.
“ Al-shabaab extremists trying to divert SNF/AMISOM forces from liberating areas they currently control by launching cowardly suicide attacks on Mogadishu causing deaths and injuries to innocent civilians.
This is a deliberate tactic of diversion to deter AMISOM/SNF from the initial plan of flushing them out of their remaining bases. Typical of “the last kicks of a dying hoarse” It is a matter of time that this will stop and the entire Somalia liberated” Reads a statement released by AMISOM in the aftermath of the attack.
The Friday attack which was carried out by seven bombers is the first major one to take place in Mogadishu since this year began.

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