Why Money can’t buy Tanzania Presidency

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Ikulu- Tanzania  The State House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Ikulu- The State House -the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United Republic of Tanzania.

By Emmanuel Tayari,

As all top-tier CCM contenders for the party’s presidential nomination have formally entered the race .The next four weeks are pivotal times for Tanzania politics, as the ruling party clock- ticks down for a decision over its flagbearer for the October 25th general election.

In these four weeks, there are difficult decisions to be made, for the sake of Tanzania stability and sustainability as this year succession process requires, and will represent a unique opportunity for, a strategic re-orientation of CCM and where Tanzania will go as a country.

Looking forward, there is much anxiety, energy, hope and worry regarding CCM nomination process and under what circumstances, and by what means, does the nomination process can reach a decision that will protect our interests as a country. Under current circumstances, the public fear that, CCM failure to make the right decision will make it held captive by powerful factions, vested interests and some powerful foreign interests.

This reaction is certainly understandable, especially at a time where socioeconomic disparities is growing in Tanzania, and voters are increasingly critical of corruption which cannot be delinked to big money in politics. Additionally, the worry is completely understandable, given the fact that this year presidential aspirant groups have crossed the red line where some of them have tried to stretch their control extended far beyond politics by trying to weaken our systems which protect and strengthening our sovereignty.

This has also opened doors for foreign interests to try influencing CCM nomination process and secretly funneling money to some of the competing groups. And, from everything we know, these groups are not safe for Tanzania economy either, especially business environment, as deep analysis to people behind these groups shows that, if these groups not stopped they will hold our country hostage.

The most obvious impact for CCM letting any of these groups excel to the presidency will be destabilizing our business environment and the economy as general; and this could have a major effect on public programmes of health, education and infrastructure. – As manipulation of public procurement processes, natural resource plunder, illegal tax exemptions or bid-rigging will be the – Good Governance of the day. Furthermore, it will strengthen patronage systems, which will only enrich politicians and their allies and endanger our stability including peace and security.

The question then becomes whether CCM’s current political leadership can manage to muster the tenacity and determination to see through such a course.

Reasons why we should be optimistic about the Process

In Tanzania Presidential politics, money talks — but not as loudly as “national interests”. The historical records is clear— Decisions to who can assume presidency transcend money and politics—these are decisions which reflect very different values, and responsible for maintaining the security and economic welfare of all Tanzanians regardless their political affiliation.

The next few weeks will be a roller-coaster ride for everyone concerned. Whatever may be the case, there is clear evidence from very reliable sources to indicate that the Chairman and the Central committee will show uniform resolve to continue the tradition of protecting the integrity of the presidency post.

Interestingly, while big money politics takes its course and with so much at stake, the message out there from President Kikwete is simple and clear— “Let there be no misunderstanding. We will not be intimidated or pressured by anyone on our choice for presidential candidate”.
Surely…there are difficult decisions to be made, but despite all these odds, bankrollers must surely prepare for defeat as Tanzania presidency is not for sale.

For this reason at the very least, President Kikwete is expected to use his veto power as “custodian of national interest” to rebalance the political playing field within his party and end the uncertainty caused by the powerful but dangerous competing political alliances within CCM.

So what are we supposed to expect this time around?

Despite all of the potential consequences of this year nomination, we can’t forget that the real impact will be felt among nearly 48 million Tanzanians.

Unfortunately, the demand for political reforms tends to arise only from difficult situation, causing the political system to respond accordingly. Common sense must be allowed to prevail by allowing the current CCM nomination process to focus on making a pathway towards good governance.

Furthermore, under the deeply divided political atmosphere in Zanzibar, the custodian of our national interests can decide to win over the hearts, minds and affairs of the Zanzibar by letting a clean and capable candidate from Zanzibar to assume CCM presidential candidacy. That said, in ordinary circumstances, we have more than 8 aspirants out of the 33 picked up the forms, who can “fit” be entrusted to embed systems of good governance in Tanzania.


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