Football is no longer reserved for men only,women can play the beautiful game.

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FIFAU-20 women world cup 2014

I had the opportunity two weeks ago to watch a friendly football match at a local park. The occasionally rain pouring did not dampened the experience. I was enjoying the opportunity to witness local football. There is a different experience watching football from the stand compared to sitting behind a television or listening on a radio.For instance,it is better to sit behind a television, if you want to have a better analysis.
Furthermore, spectators are exposed to constant song chants, obscured view and inappropriate language.

Good humour chants between home and away fans are always encouraged as part of improving the football experience. Individuals standing up or occasionally leaving their seat is regarded as frustrating distraction but a norm. The football authorities try to eradicate bad chants and fans standing up on their seats to watch the game. Inappropriate chants and standing up are two acts that can be enforced out.
It is however difficult to really catch inappropriate foul language but they do try with use of technology. There is another incident that happens on the football stands and areas where more than one person is watching a football match. The incident is off the cuff comments that arise due to emotionally involvement in a football game. Whilst it is understandable for people to call players unflattering names for missing a chance. It is no longer acceptable to call football a man’s game.
Football authorities and analysts should make the effort to eradicate this phrase from their vocabulary. I am aware that every individual grows up using certain phrases or words as acceptable. In addition, a few of these phrases become difficult to stop from your everyday language. However, it is still possible to educate or train to gradually. You might think only inappropriate foul or abusive language can be harmful to individuals.
Sometimes, off the cuff side comments can have lasting damaging effect. Women football has evolved in the last couple of years to merit respect. There are a lot of professional women players and clubs. They train as hard as the men to develop their technical skills. Personally, I enjoy watching women football and in some cases more than men’s football. The reasons being that I like to witness players using both feet and being creative with their play. Currently, men’s football is becoming a game of who runs faster in the men’s game.
A good example of the improvement in women’s football and sports in general will be happening today 24th August 2014. Nigeria and Germany play in the FIFA Under -20 Women World Cup Finals in Canada. This tournament started on 5th August and ends today 24th August. The general technical and organisation skills on display has improved dramatically even at the young level. This also applies to majority of the Goal Keepers in the tournament. It is no longer a common occurrence to witness high percentage of goals scored outside the 18 yards box.
This is backed by the Germany under-20 Coach Maren Meinart at recent interview with She was asked about the development of goalkeeping in women’s football at junior level? This was on the back of the Germany Goal Keeper Meike Kamper performing brilliantly against their semi-final opponent France. We have already seen that goalkeepers have massively improved in the women’s game. You can see that in various ways. There are less shots from distance going in and play down the flanks also seems to have improved. You can see the same development in the juniors. It’s also noticeable that they’re all good on the ball. This wasn’t the case before. We’ve seen great progress in this area.
Therefore, it is disappointing to still hear off the cuff comments about football being a man’s game. The fact of the matter is that both men and women play the game at high level. This is the case across all sports and while other sporting fans have quickly embraced both formats. It appears that certain football fans are not following the trend.
My advice is for this fans to wake up and realise both women’s and men’s football at all levels has evolved in last few years. It is true that it has not been at same rate but the quality is high to receive equal parity.
I know it is difficult at this present moment for the football authorities to prevent anyone from making the comment football is a man’s game. However, it is possible to start the education through various network mediums. It also important that Sports channels increase the spotlight on women’s football by showing more games on prime time. Fans should take the opportunity to watch more games and see the improvement in women’s game.

As for today’s finals, I know who will be supporting the Super Falconet of  Nigeria and it would be great,if they cap a wonderful tournment
Obioma Aguocha
Self Publisher:The Guide to being the Best(Paperback) 2007 &Sporting Success Simplified (E-book) 2012


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