Google Launches High Speed Internet Project in Uganda

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By Joseph Elunya & Agencies

pursuitKampala-Google has kicked off a project to build high-speed fiber-optic networks in the Ugandan capital Kampala.
Kampala has been choosen as the first beneficiary for the project which is to be implemented in places around the world that lack access to fast broadband connections.
The initiative, dubbed Project Link, aims to provide faster and more reliable Internet connections in areas where the current infrastructure is inadequate or non-existent
“Google is launching Project Link to bring faster, more reliable Internet to the places and people that need it. We chose to build in the modern capital of Kampala, Uganda, a dense urban center currently limited to pre-broadband speeds. High quality infrastructure unlocks opportunity for the people of Kampala and its businesses” the company stated in a statement issued on Wednesday.
As a dense urban centre, which is limited to “pre-broadband” speeds, Kampala was the leading candidate.
Google is involved with several projects around the world to provide faster broadband access, moves that indirectly help its business. It said it wants to help local businesses, schools and others to make better use of the Internet.
Google’s fiber-optic network in Kampala is designed to help Internet service providers and mobile operators connect their customers to existing high-speed undersea cables that carry traffic to and from the continent.
Project Link is a business for Google. ISPs and operators who sign up for the service will pay fees.
It’s not saying yet if it plans to also build networks in other towns in Uganda but a company official said they are focussing on serving the 3 million people in and around Kampala.
Beyond basic access, local providers will be able to offer new mobile data plans or high-speed Internet to support new services. With a fast fiber-optic network in Kampala, for instance, ISPs can better support the city’s entrepreneurs, Google said.
Google has already built some of the network in Kampala. It started with 100 kilometers in the city’s center and is building out from there toward Entebbe, where the closest international airport is located.
There are many where Google want to expand Project Link. Of the 7 billion people on the planet, only about 2.7 billion are connected to the Internet. In Africa alone, only 16 percent of people are connected, according to Google.
Besides Project Link, Google is experimenting with high-altitude balloons to bring wireless networks to emerging markets in places like sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. And in the U.S. there’s Google’s Fiber broadband Internet and television service.


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