Somalia Asks Uganda to Train Its National Army


Military officials of the Uganda Senior Command and Staff College (SCSC) Kimaka who are in Somalia for a two week study tour.

MOGADISHU-The President of Somalia Sheik Hassan Muhamud has called on the government of Uganda to help in rebuilding his country’s military that had collapsed after two decades of civil strife.

President Hassan Muhamud made the call today while addressing visiting military officials of the Uganda Senior Command and Staff College (SCSC) Kimaka who are in Somalia for a two week study tour.

The Somali President noted that his country once had the best military in Africa in the 1980s but is now in shambles and needs outside help in rebuilding it.

He noted that building the army after such a chaotic period is a complicated task that calls for intervention of experts.

“Security is our top priority. We are building an army from scratch to support our internal security and I hope your interactions as experts will set a foundation on which interventions will be made to help us rebuild our force in a post conflict situation,” the president remarked.

Flanked by his prime minister and the minister of defense, the president thanked the government and people of Uganda for helping Somalia during her most difficult moments.

According to the commandant of Kimaka who led the 23 man team, Brig. Apollo Gowa Kasiit, one of the motives of the tour is to interact with the Somali civil and military leadership with an aim of drawing lessons from the current systems, of the rejuvenating country.

Gowa told the Continental Observer that the tour is meant to share operational experiences with the troops and commanders in the battle field who are graduates of Kimaka Military Academy in Uganda with a view of assessing the impact of the training they got.

Brigadier Gowa says that the information gathered during the two week tour of AMISOM operational areas will help the leadership of Kimaka Military Academy in Uganda in designing future teaching syllabus.

“It’s time to begin assimilating into the syllabus some of our own successful military campaigns as opposed to the traditional old foreign campaigns” Brig Gowa said

The Uganda Contingent Commander, Brig Michael Ondoga, noted that some of the current AMISOM troops contributing countries (TCCs) are also contributors of students and staff to Kimaka.

“This is a campaign where we are involved in a practical field situation and will therefore provide the best study opportunity for the college. We believe such visits are vital in enriching the lecturers’ teaching practice with proven field experiences” Brig Ondoga said, adding that the Somalia mission has a lot to learn from and provides a great opportunity for the professional growth of the officers and men of Uganda People’s Defense Forces.

Uganda provides the bulk of the 17,000 foreign troops that are helping in stabilizing Peace in Somalia. The country first deployed there in 2007.


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