Ugandan Women Minting Cash From Mushrooms

A group odf students from Uganda Martyrs University being trained on mushroom growing by Mrs Gogojo in her farmhouse

A group of students from Uganda Martyrs University being trained on mushroom growing by Mrs Gogojo in her farmhouse

Kampala-A group of women in eastern Uganda are minting millions of shillings from growing mushrooms.

The women, who are under an organization Mt. Elgon Mushroom Growers Association, in the eastern district of Mbale are raking in millions of shillings, from growing and selling mushrooms. The mushrooms are grown in farm houses by mostly peasant farmers.

60-year-old Florence Mabogo Gogojo, is one of the women, who are making a fortune, from growing and selling mushrooms.

Mabogo abandoned her job as a secretary, with the Government of Uganda and settled in a farmhouse, where she started the business of growing and selling mushrooms. Five years down the road, she has no regrets for the decision; she took to quit her office job to take on farming as an economic activity.

“The ladies who have started growing mushrooms don’t want to leave it because it’s a highly profitable venture” remarks Mabogo who currently has 600 gardens of mushrooms.

She explains that mushrooms are more lucrative, than spending time on maize plantations, which are susceptible to natural calamities, like droughts and floods.

“With mushrooms you are assured of reaping from your investment unlike maize plantations which requires much labor but very less returns” she explains.


“Our biggest challenge is failure to meet the demand from our local and international customers like right now we have customers from Dubai who have made an order for three tons but we are unable to raise that quantity” Mabogo also says  they face another challenge of transporting their produce to the market.

Mabogo’s husband Francis Gogojo says mushroom farming has improved the welfare of his family.

Currently 1 kilogram of mushrooms is sold at a farm gate price of about US$ 4.







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