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Poem: Where I’m From

January 28, 2015 9:57 pm0 comments

I’m from swaying coastlines and clichéd continents. I learned languages so divergent,in places as different as vegetarian pigs and carnivorous plants. I’m from sunshine that lulls you to sleep and sand that exfoliates more than just your feet. I’m from the smell of tamales on the corner of Market. I’m from different cultures and languages, from Spanish to Kenyan. I’m from mothers yelling at their doorsteps in voices uncomprehended, they yell in different tongues but with the same expressions. “Get Back in the house” “Ingia kwa nyumbani” they shout, the same look of indignant concern mirrored in their rainbow of faces. I’m from diversity, from the world that has been […]

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Wedding on A Credit Card

2:04 am0 comments

The whole place was elegantly beaming with class. A lavish Somali wedding that was definitely over the top and without a doubt, one that had the touch of highly paid professional experts. From top to bottom, it was draped with perfection. From the look of things, the brother must have dished out at least a cool 50 grand for that wedding if not more. It was held in an exclusive top-notch hotel—a $60 a plate kind of place— not my taste but ridiculously expensive nonetheless. It was entry by invites only, if you did not flash a card you had no luck getting in. The groom and bride looked awesomely […]

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