Joseph Kony Calls For Fresh Peace Talks

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Kampala-Fugitive Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony has written to the Government of Uganda demanding for fresh peace talks

Kony who has a US$5m cash bounty over his head for crimes against humanity says he and his Lord’s Resistance Army rebels are still committed to seeking a peaceful means to resolve the two decades old conflict.

The fugitive in an email to the Ugandan media blames the Government of Uganda for the failed peace talks.

The Government of Uganda has not yet responded to the letter but it has in the past blamed such calls on people purporting to speak on behalf of Joseph Kony.

Kony, a former altar boy has waged a brutal two decade war against the Government of Uganda, maiming and killing hundreds of innocent civilians.

The US Government last year put a cash bounty of us$5m on information leading to his arrest. Currently the US Government has deployed 100 Special Forces who are acting as military advisers to the joint regional forces that are hunting for the indicted leaders of the rebel group.

Below is Kony’s alleged email.





I, General Joseph Kony, Leader and Commander-in-Chief of the Lord’s Resistance Army,

salute all the people of Uganda, in and outside the country.


Once again, as had been done severally in the past, I would like to assure the people of Uganda that, we in the Lord’s Resistance Army are still committed to a sustainable peaceful political settlement of our long war with the government of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.


I also would like to re-state here, as I had done in the past, that we had to go to war against Museveni’s government at the start of his rule because there were very compelling things that we wanted to fight for and were prepared to die for. We went to war to fight for the dignity, peace, freedom, and land of the people of Uganda, and the territorial integrity of our country. We didn’t go to war because we were aggressors: the war had been forced on us. We fought a just war, a self-defense war.


Numerous efforts were made in the past to find a comprehensive and permanent solution to Uganda’s political problems using peaceful negotiated dialogue, but some elements in the government hijacked the process for their selfish greedy purpose.


The latest attempt was the Juba Peace Talks, which in the history of our country was the most significant, legitimate and appropriate effort to resolve Uganda’s conflicts. Unfortunately, the government of Uganda with the backing of certain foreign groups with vested interests deliberately destroyed the effort – with conspiracy and without any provocation – by going back to war in December 2008. Because of that, LRA and the government of Uganda never achieved the desired peaceful resolution. And this has continued to bring instability in Uganda and the eastern Africa region, especially the Great Lakes and the Nile-Congo Basin.


I am greatly concerned about the ruinous state of the nation that Uganda is in today.


There is widespread unemployment and such unspeakable poverty that this great nation had never experienced before.  Epidemics and infectious diseases have ravaged the country, raising the death rate, and compounded by the fact that there are no medicines even at the national Referral Hospitals. Women die with pregnancy and children die of treatable and preventable diseases.


There is severe post-war traumatic stress and social disunity today in Uganda. Communities are damaged and our cultures have been disrupted beyond repair. And so forth. There is immense internal suffering brought onto the people of Ugandan by the current regime in Kampala led by Mr. Museveni.


That is why we have considered, and do hereby call for immediate unconditional peace talks with the government of Uganda to end the war and widen it to concurrently resolve Uganda’s political and social conflicts. The talks should include all the significant political players (groups) in Uganda.


By now the people of Uganda might have come to realize that, truth be told, the atrocities committed in Northern Uganda were not done by the LRA, but were done by the UPDF so as to ruin the reputation of the LRA and propagate false information to the international community and the whole world. Ugandans might have now heard some of these culprits, who were in the government then committing these atrocities, speak out and apologize to the people of Northern Uganda asking for forgiveness.


We the LRA knew them but we didn’t have the voice to tell the world, and much more, the world often didn’t believe us; but we knew that one day when they got tired of destroying innocent lives, they would speak out for themselves and reveal the truth.


As an Acholi and a person from Northern Uganda, I believe in reconciliation and reconvention (mato oput). We in the LRA are therefore willing and ready to forgive and seek for forgiveness, and to continue seeking for peaceful means to end this war which has cut across a vast swathe of Africa so that the people of the Great Lakes and the Nile-Congo Basin find peace. This will clear our names and disassociate us from those who killed and blamed the act on us and on the victims.


To the ICC, we still insist that we don’t have a case to answer. Let them (ICC) ask Museveni and his General Sejusa, who has already declared to the world that he committed atrocities in Northern Uganda.  As for LRA, we were fighting the war to liberate Ugandans from the claws of dictators and we did not and would not commit any crime against the people of Uganda irrespective of their tribe, leave alone my people whom Museveni and his General Sejusa and the likes slaughtered and boiled in the pot for my people to eat in order to spoil my name. We the LRA are innocent and want peace and reconciliation.


On the situation in South Sudan. The people of South Sudan are our brothers and sisters. I am pained to see the loss of life brought by the fight between our two brothers, President Salva Kiir and his former deputy Dr. Riek Machar. Yoweri Museveni should take the blame for causing the split between the people of South Sudan and for making them fight and kill each other. He quickly joined the war by taking side. Museveni should stop interfering in the affairs of South Sudan. He should immediately pull his forces out and let the people of South Sudan settle their differences through dialogue.


The external aggressions caused by the government of Uganda in the Great Lakes Region, and the conspiratorial disasters and grave humanitarian crises and turmoil in the region are all documented. They are no longer secrets to anyone.

Why I needed to speak out.

I, General Kony earlier on sent my Special Envoy, Mr. Okello Mission, to the UN Special Peace Envoy, Ambassador Mousa, and his AU counterpart, Special Representative Peace Envoy, Ambassador Madeira, to convey my message and the need for peace to the two men. I thank them for their positive response to my envoy and to my message, and their struggle to try and re-establish the peace talks. I’ve received their message from my Special Peace Envoy.


Therefore this message is to confirm to the world that the message my envoy carried was true and I had sent it to re-initiate Peace Talks between the government of Uganda and LRA.


Last but not least, I, Gen. Kony, send my Special Greetings to the UN Special Peace Envoy, Ambassador Mousa, and his counterpart in the African Union, Special Representative Peace Envoy Ambassador Madeira. Further greetings to Mr. Kidega Quinto my uncle; Lakot and Alicar Betty my sisters; Pastor Obina Peter,

Mr. Obonyo Olweny, the LRA Spokesman; Dr. Fulla Marako Vuni (known as Wonbogi), and many others.




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