Uganda Bids Farewell to Soldiers Killed in Somalia

Ugandan solders bid farewell to fallen colleagues-Courtesy photo

Ugandan solders bid farewell to fallen colleagues-Courtesy photo

Uganda is mourning the death of three of its soldiers killed by Alshabaab militants during an attack on the Somali parliament.

Alshabab militants on Saturday attacked the Somali parliament killing three members of the Ugandan continent of AMISOM.

“We send back our fallen comrades with grief and sorrow but in their bravery and resolute to liberate Somalis we shall pick courage and soldier on to liberate the African people and for the cause of Pan Africanism, fare thee well comrades” reads a statement issued by Ugandan Contingent Spokesperson Major Deo Akiiki.

According to Akiiki all the 13 Alshabaab terrorists were killed while AMISOM recorded three deaths and four injuries.

“It was such a robust and commando type operation you can think of in the world. We salute our gallant soldiers who thwarted the intention of terrorists to kill parliamentarians. all MPs were evacuated to safety”.  Remarked Major Akiiki the Contingent Spokesperson.

Uganda provides the bulk of African union troops that are deployed in Somalia.



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