First Private Aviation School Opens in Uganda

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Kampala-The first private aviation school, has opened its doors in Uganda, with the aim of addressing the challenges facing the industry, in East and Central Africa.

Uganda Aviation School, which is based in the eastern town of Soroti is the first of its kind to venture into aviation industry in Uganda.

The Director of the school, Flight Captain George Michael Mukula says the school will focus on training the cabin crew, pilots, engineers, flight operators and general aviation personnel.

The school boosts of seven aircrafts that include, four -Cessna 172, two twin engines and a Cessna 150 and 208 aircrafts.

“Uganda is a landlocked country but it’s strategically located in the center of Africa, as a regional hub and this school will serve in transforming the air transport industry, in countries like Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Rwanda, all of which don’t have aviation schools” explained Captain Mike Mukula to the Continent Observer, in an interview in Kampala.

Mukula says that currently Uganda has one aviation school-Soroti School of Civil Aviation Academy which is owned by the Government.

He adds that the school has secured the services of experienced flight instructors, from Europe who will offer training that is competitive as those offered by South African flight academies.

The coming in place of Uganda Aviation School will complement the services that are currently being offered by Soroti Flying School, formerly owned by the East African Community.

Soroti Flying School Academy has of late been bedeviled by a lot of problems such as lack of aircrafts for training students.

Kenya leads the east African region with eleven private schools while its neighbors have been having none.








  • I am 18 years old Kenyan citizen,and I would like to join the school so that I can live my dream as a pilot.

  • Jules KARANGWA

    what are the requirement for being involved in your school,i mean what can i do inorder to study in your school? if it’s possible you can tell me about the fees,i am a rwandeese you should reply via my e-mail!! in waiting your good result i am thankiing you!!

  • Abubakar Muhammad

    Hello! With do respect, iam a Nigerian i need an admission its possible for me to have it, thank you.

  • Mugisha Derrick

    I want to learn how to fly an helicopter,,,do you have professional training classes at the school and how much is payment

  • Congratulation for your Aviation School which you have initiated for the purpose of simplifying transportation system, that’s are my greetings. Male of aged 25 years old, christian by religion, Pare by tribe, the something which forced me to write to you, is just like an interest from long time which influenced me to be a pilot. And even now i desire this situation, how can you help me to study this course? at the same time i am a driver, level of my education is for University level,i;m in the last year in my education, then communicate with me as your friend to discuss this intrapersonal controversy. I live in Tanzania Dar es Salaam,

  • thanks, can i join the aviation school with MEG/IT, Maths-O, Economics-D, Geography-D. AM FROM MENGO SENIOR SCHOOL.

  • ssemambo derrick

    i would like to know about the fees structure and all requirements

  • boaz n nabaasa

    i would like to know the fees of ATC 2 your school becouse i want to do it

  • Ninsiima Ingrid

    Thank you for the opportunity , I would like to join the school for ma dream and passion by doing a course in civil aviation. How can I get there what are the costs of doing a course and how long does it take ? Thank you .

  • send me your fee structure via my email address

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