“Go Hang”-Uganda Tells US Over Sanctions


Kampala-Uganda has scoffed at the US Government over sanctions.

The United States Government this week slapped sanctions on Uganda over its anti-gay legislation. The sanctions include travel ban for corrupt Ugandan government officials and suspension of joint military exercises.

But in Uganda, both the opposition and Government leaders have criticized the Obama administration for imposing sanctions over what they describe as ‘popular legislation’-the anti-homosexuality law.

“I don’t understand why America can impose sanctions on Uganda over something that’s very unpopular here. What they should know is that Ugandans are not bothered about those sanctions and in fact I for one don’t care even if I’ am denied a US Visa. America should go hang” Remarked Ibrahim Ssemuju an opposition Member of Parliament.

Ssemujju who was among the panelists on ‘Capital Gang’ a popular radio show in the capital Kampala, criticized the US Government for allegedly keeping a blind eye on other rights violation in Uganda and catering for the interests of asylum seekers.

“Whose rights are they protecting? Aren’t those asylum seekers” asked Ssemujju a member of the Opposition Forum for Democratic Change.

Ofwono Opondo the Uganda Government Spokesperson said Uganda is a sovereign state and has a right to enact laws that suit it’s interests not the Americans.

“President Obama has lost many initiatives back home from Syria to Iraq and by imposing sanctions on Uganda, he needed to deflect the only constituency that he’s left with-the liberals so these sanctions are meant to please the domestic audience in the US” Ofwono said Uganda can do without aid from America.

Angelo Izama a journalist and political commentator expressed fear that such sanctions are likely to entrench the Government of President Yoweri Museveni because of the popular support Ugandans have against the anti-gay law.

Thousands of Ugandans gathered at Kololo Independence Ground early this year to ‘thank’ President Yoweri Museveni for signing into law the anti-homosexuality bill.

The law criminalizes homosexuality.




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