Ugandan Army Commanders Ordered Out of Somalia Over Corruption

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Top commanders of the Ugandan Contingent, of the African Union Mission, in Somalia-AMISOM have been ordered out of Somalia over allegations of corruption.

President Yoweri Museveni has reportedly, ordered the leadership of the Ugandan Contingent in Somalia, to report back home to answer charges of corruption.

The commanders who include, Brigadier Michael Ondonga, is accused of selling fuel and food which, is meant for the Ugandan contingent of the African Union Mission in Somalia.

Other accused officers include Lt. Col .Sam Kirya, the Contingence Intelligence Officer, Lt. Joy Atugonza the Operations Officer and 17 other officers.

Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda the Army and Ministry of Defense Spokesperson confirmed, to the Continent Observer that 20 officers have been recalled back. H e says the accused officers will arrive in the country late on Tuesday today.

“Yes they have been recalled, and they are flying in today but we will first investigate them before charging them” Ankunda explained to the Continent Observer.

“You have to investigate someone before you kill him, and for that we have to begin investigation as soon as they get here to find out if they erred” Ankunda said the officers will be investigated first before they face prosecution.

Brigadier Ondonga whose tour of duty, was to end at the end of this month was to head to Kenya as a military attaché but the new appointment has reportedly been cancelled by the president.

The issue of UPDF commanders selling supplies is not a secret among security officials in Uganda.

In July a Ugandan soldier, serving under AMISOM in Baidoa revealed to this News Reporter how their commanders were selling food and fuel meant for operations.

The soldier claimed that their allowances were also being deducted by the commanders.

Corruption in the Ugandan army is not a new thing, back home the army lost billions of shillings through paying ghost soldiers.

The issue of ghosts is one of the reasons blamed for prolonging, the LRA insurgency which lasted for more than 20 years in northern Uganda.

Commanders used to include fictitious names (ghosts) on the payroll which in result affected the operational strength.

In some cases, a battalion which is supposed to have more than 700 soldiers had less than 300.

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