Should you be skinny or fit?

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Hope Ndoro a Level 3 Personal Trainer

In my line of work as a Personal trainer, I come across people from many backgrounds and cultures. Most women come to me and ask to be skinny and most men come and ask to be huge. After this demand they always then follow it with, “how quickly can I achieve this?” My standard answer is I can not make you skinny or huge but I can make you fitter and stronger. They then give me a confused expression and ask, “What is the difference?”

This is the difference;

Definition of skinny; unattractively thin

Definition of huge; extremely large

My job is to make you healthier in the sense that you will make better health choices, instead of having a plate filled with fufu/Ugali/Sadza and minimal vegetables. You will swap that over for some sweet potato or brown rice and opt for more meats and vegetables. I will make you fitter by increasing your lung capacity and decreasing your resting heart rate. I will make you stronger by helping you have great posture through flexibility exercises and weightlifting.

The next step would be how you eat. How you eat should be sustainable and a change in lifestyle, not a diet. A healthy lifestyle is continuous while a diet has a start an end date. Diets that restrict certain food groups are counterproductive, as your body will forget how to digest those foods and once these foods are re-introduced back into your meal plans, you will gain weight.

So you want to know the secret to a healthy lifestyle? It is small frequent meals that contain all the food groups; carbohydrates, protein and fat. There are two types of carbohydrates; complex carbohydrates and refined carbohydrates. You should aim to have more complex carbohydrates than refined carbohydrates as complex carbohydrates take longer to break down and in turn keeps your blood sugar levels steady. By being able to keep your blood sugar levels steady, you will find that you will minimise cravings for sugary treats. An example of a complex carbohydrate is sweet potato while a refined carbohydrate is white pasta. A great source of protein is turkey as it offers the most protein per gram than any other meat. If you are vegetarian then pistachios are your next best bet. As for fats, it is a myth that all fats are bad, You have plenty of fats that will aid in fat loss such as avocado, olive oil, greek yogurt and fish oils but to name a few.

With the combination of the above and plenty of water, you are well on your way to being fitter, healthier and stronger. The journey to fitness and health is a commitment and realising that anything worth having does not happen overnight. It will take time to loose that 1pound or gain that inch of muscle, but the key to getting there is persistence and visualisation. So next time you step in the gym, know the difference between skinny, fit, huge and strong. You always want to choose fit and strong.

Hope Ndoro is a Level 3 Personal Trainer Based in Glasgow, Scotland, you can follow her on  Facebook: or Twitter: @bearthegreept

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