Tanzania:I can’t wait

July 13, 2016 6:24 pm1 comment by:

By Lucia Munishi,

1. I myself;
Still in deep pain,
Things that chases my mind;
While my stomach is empty;
I probably want to eat my tears.

2. Two angles of my site;
Want me to wait;
So I can get what is legally;
Suddenly fire starting burning in me
When I see people of my age;
Full of money; ambitions;
And chances to get along with big people.

3. I real wish;
To be somebody in my country;
Though I can’t let my own family dying;
My time it’s running;
I want to take that DIMOND;
For me to be glitter like them.

4. If I die today;
Before accomplish my goal;
The son of my blood will;
Sorry for you all;
If you can be holy ;
Try to understand me
; Because that is the mirror;
I see from my society;
Which always says?
I can‘t wait to enjoy the sweats of fools;
And am not the fool one.

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