Mercedes F1 has to be unfair to either Lewis or Nico in order to achieve success

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 Lewis and Nico

Success is an attainment of an objective and is a feeling wished by all. To reach your goal, you have to attain numerous failures at one point during your journey. Your attitude to a failure or challenges either stops you, slows or speeds up the process. Success breeds happiness and resentment from others who feel, you deserve it or think it is unfair. This is part of success and having the awareness that everyone cannot have the same feeling with you at the same time, helps to handle challenges that are come your way.
This weekend F1 Grand Prix hosted in Montreal, Canada is a perfect example of the journey and how to overcome any challenges. Mercedes have gone through the stages of failure in last few years since taking over Brawn. Now, they are on a successful path with building a very competitive car. The next stage is to continue with the development and achieve their main objective of winning 2014 Construction F1 team.
It is a tough task that looks achievable as they complete each F1 Grand Prix event. The challenge is to recognise each one of the team’s member’s views and still keep the main focus on the team objective. The difficult is that for each one of their members, strives for individual success. The fact that they are part of a team does not stop them from looking for individual success.
In the forefront of this challenge, is their two main drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. Both drivers are competitive and have the driving skills to win the driver’s title. The issue is that only one of the 24 drivers can win it and the rest have to wait for their chance or completely fail to realise their goal. Nico and Lewis are determined to be the driver to achieve success this year. It is a problem that at first seems to be a manageable task for the Mercedes team management. However, it appears from events in the previous Grand Prix in Monaco that it might not be a simple task. It is a situation that has not been faced before by F1 team, which makes it unique.
At first, the team bosses were quick to brush it as two competitive drivers wanting success. This is true but they problem is they do not want to wait. Recently, it has suggested that it is a unique problem that needs to be dealt with in house. In my view, it is good that they have acknowledge a problem exists and needs a solution. My disagreement with their current approach is to think it can be fair and solve the disharmony between the two drivers. They are insisting that it can still maintain the team policy and allow both drivers equal ranking.
My experience as a team sports player indicates that it cannot keep their stand and still manage the problem. You might wonder how come a team with vast human resources be naïve with their approach to a problem faced in many other sports team but unique to a F1 team . The simple answer is that the bigger a work team the less emphasis on simple individual disagreement. This is my take on how the F1 Team approached this issue at the beginning and whilst they have let everyone know they want to handle the problem with fairness. Its overall objective to win the 2014 Construction Team remains primary objective and it does not matter whether Nico or Lewis helps them achieve it.
It is a risky approach to take with a lot at stake. Team success is not achievable unless every one of the team members thinks their individual goal is going to be achieved at the end of the journey. It is possible for majority to reach their goal at the same time, but it is impossible for everyone to achieve it. The truth is that some will feel at the end happy at success outcome, some happy that the team achieved their objective at their expense and the rest will feel resentment.
I am guessing that at this point you thinking this is unfair. This is the fact and the challenge is for the Mercedes management team to figure quickly who falls in each category. They should focus their resources on making sure the right team needed for the team success are on board. The two drivers are included in the pool, and one of them has to wait for their turn next year. I am not entirely suggesting that they should nominate either as the front runner. This decision would not help the team achieve success. My advice is that they should establish a procedure to make this decision quickly on race by race basis and inform the drivers. It is important that they try to recognise the differences between their driver’s ambitions but try not cater for all of it.
This helps everyone to be clear about the line of command and also helps them to align their goals with the team’s objective. There is a possibility that one driver will end up after a few races complaining of bad luck and unfairness but in my view would result to less situations witness in Monaco and more of the scene in Bahrain. Trying to be fair to both drivers is dream situation but not a practical approach.
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