The Race to sign Arouna Kone for the Next Premier Season

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As we speak, a number of clubs are rumoured that they want to sign Arouna Kone, Wigan Athletic Forward Player. Currently, the clubs include West Ham, Liverpool, Everton and Swansea and of course his current club Wigan Athletic, who will like to keep him.

Merely looking at the list, you will conclude that the player must be a very good player to have established Premier league teams bar Swansea requesting his signature, if turns out true.

If you throw the fact that for his first season 2012/2013 season with the now relegated Wigan Athletic team played 34 games, scoring 11 goals with 5 assists making  him top Scorer for the team and the season before played in total 34 games for Levante in the La Liga  matches and scored 15 goals in total. (Excludes cup games)

And he is also regular in the Ivory Coast squad team although does not start most games. Then, any fans of these Suitors know why his team is in pursuit.

In my opinion, the facts about his premier league and previous league record make him the perfect best player in the forward position for a mid table in any league. Especially, for a team that likes to play one main striker and a supporting forward players. The 3 clubs that got relegated or were in danger of relegation had a common weakness leaking goals. Wigan’s problem was also not scoring but leaking goals more than they scored against the opposition.

In the premier league or any football game, you cannot blame the forwards for a team conceding a lot of goals. You can blame the forwards for a defeat if they were not able to keep possession of the ball to allow the team mates to join in the attack.

Now, to the clubs chasing Arouna Kone will already know he is renowned for being able to hold the ball and so are looking for something more, that he brings to a team.

Throughout, his European league career right from the time at Dutch league with Roda JC and PSV Eindhoven. He is not renowned for contributing his share of goals in a league season. He averages a goal every 2 to 3 games played but his main strengths are in the contribution to a team’s strategy.

Apart for being good at holding the ball to allow for team mates to arrive or assist fellow forward to score. He has experience with the league and so physically able to cope with demands. Finally, he is disciplined enough to understand the team comes first and will be disciplined off or on the pitch. He has not been red carded in his European football career.

This is why the 4 teams excluding Wigan Athletic are racing for his signature. The onus lies in the player to pick the best club to suit not only his financial responsibilities but more important his career, going towards the World Cup next year. Currently, he is competing for the forward spot with a lot of good players such as Didier Drogba,Salomon Kalou, Gervinho, Lasina Traore, Wilfried Bony, who you might see very soon in the English Premier league.

The logical thing is to follow Roberto Martinez to Everton FC, where he will not have to convince the manager of his abilities rather just prove his form is good enough to start a game. The other option is sign for Swansea FC and play for a manager that is tactical aware to get the best out of him. They also need to replace Danny Graham, who left for Sunderland FC in January 2013. He fits nicely in the team’s style of play and might remind him of his time at Levante, where he had the best goals per game ratio.

For me, Liverpool and West Ham are the least compatible teams for Arouna Kone. Especially, West Ham who really needs a box striker that will get on the end of crosses from their wingers or flicks to finish moves. I suspect that Sam Allardyce sees him as a good second striker to complement Andy Carroll, if he signs for them or to replace Carlton Cole who is leaving this summer after 7 seasons.

In the case, of Liverpool FC they really need him as a squad player and I will be surprised if he starts more games than as substitute. There are other players that have similar traits and much younger age who may develop to become main starters.

The decision lies on the player and his priorities at this present time. He is 29 years and so age may play a major part in his decision to sign either for Everton, Liverpool, Swansea or West Ham.

Whoever signs him for 2013/2014 is getting a quality player who is a good addition to squad and will be their Best player, if he signs for the best fit team. If not will just be another player on the list of summer transfers.


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