African representatives at the 2014 FIFA WC tournament replicate past humiliating displays.

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_75572882_022725729-1[1]It is humiliating to continue to see limp display upon limp display from your team in any sporting competition. It is even heart wrenching knowing that the team in question have the ability to do better on each occasion. Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria have millions of football fans all over the world. The disappointment at the constant failures in world cups are deepened, as football plays a contributing factor in improving the nation’s mood. GeoPoll released a viewing data figures in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda showing large proportions of national populations tuning in to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup matches. Figures show 20% of the adult population in Nigeria tuned in to watch the first group game against Iran. With such a significant percentage tuned in to watch a game, you would expect the Super Eagles players to show similar attitude on the pitch. The performance on 16th June 2014 was devoid of creativity, composure and technical skill.

There was no difference between Super Eagles of Nigeria and lowly ranked Iran.These assessment were on show across the other 4 African nation’s first group games. You could only make a case for less Fennecs of Algeria putting in a good performance against Belgium.

les elephants de cote d’ivoire won their first game and then lost the second game yesterday due to individual errors. Cote d’ivoire was the only African representative to win their first game. They should have at least got a draw in their second game against Columbia. These would have put them in a healthy position to qualify from their group. Instead, they gave away 2 bad goals and have to avoid a defeat in their final game to stand a chance. Indomitable Lions of Cameroon decided to showcase in their second game against Croatia everything that is disliked in a football match.

Headbutt incident

Cameroon’s left back Benoit Assou-Ekotto head-butted team mate Benjamin Moukandjo in the closing minutes.Alex Song decided to lash out at Croatian forward Mario Mandzukic early on the game, which earned him a red card. In addition, the Cameroon team defended badly to concede 4 soft goals at crucial stages. The Black Stars of Ghana started brightly against USA and then sadly lost control of the match. They ended up with a 2-1 defeat. You can imagine the mood of 2.4 million Ghanaian viewers, who watched the opening game against USA, at final whistle. They would not be complimentary or in happy mood because it was a game that their team should have won or at least got a draw. Les Fennecs of Algeria the only country so far to have played anyway to their potential. The players gave it all their best but still lost to Belgium 2-1. It is encouraging that at least the Algerian team gave a good performance but disappointing that they could not keep the lead. Fans have spent huge amounts of money and time to cheer their national teams. The display on the pitch shows lack of appreciation and yet the message from the coach, national football associations is to have faith. We have been in this situation before in previous World Cups and afterwards assured of a future better performance. Here, we are in 2014 and still witnessing a replication of past failures. I agree that it is not good to abandon or boo the players on the field of play. However, I disagree with the view that the performance will improve under the current structure. Currently, the players receive bonus for qualification, win bonus or just turning up for a match. My suggestion is that we give these players our support for the remaining matches. Then, the national football associations should conduct an extensive review, upon exit from the 2014 world cup. These review might be difficult but every effort needs to be taken for it to go ahead. Suggestions should be obtained from the current coaches, who I believe should remain in control. The primary problem is not linked to the tactics but relates squarely on the players outlook on international football. Future national teams should be based on locally sourced talents who should be fairly compensated for their participation. The remaining squad should be key European or international based players to provide a bit of experience. These set of players should not be paid for participation but rather for basic expenses. In my view, it should be an honour to represent your country and be proud. The current situation is not healthy and contributes to repeat limp displays. It also contributes to having a squad with players only worried about their financial package and improving their professional C.V. I am sure reading comments from fans, who are sick and tired of players moaning about fair financial packages, arguing with team mates, making irrational tackles resulting red cards. It is difficult to fathom that these players are picked to represent their country and the African continent. In return, we witness a lot of limp and toothless attacks. It is high time that each African nation really play to their national team names. I am sure their millions of fans do not want to witness another repeat of the 2014 FIFA world Cup limp display. Obioma Aguocha Self Publisher:The Guide to being the Best(Paperback) 2007 &Sporting Success Simplified (E-book) 2012


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  • I am sure…a milion and one African readers would agree with the sentiments in this article
    It is left…to. the authorities of football in Africa to take positive and practical steps to find a solution.The south american countries doing well…in the Brazil 2014,are going to reap the benefits in more coverage of their domestic leagues….after the world cup.Very few football lovers…would continue to dismiss these leagues.And this would mean more revenue.comment courtesy of

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