Is it time for Wimbledon Tennis Organisers to relax its traditions?

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Wimbledon 2013 starts on 26th June and runs through to 7th July 2013. Everyone involved, whether as a spectator, player, organiser or sponsors will be hoping that the weather behaves itself. Generally, the weather does not affect the overall quality of the grand slams. As, grand slams bring the best out of the top players. The Wimbledon Grand Slam is different due to the unique nature of the playing surface. Grass is a unique surface, for most players who train mostly on hard court or clay surface during their junior years.

However, it is not only the surface that makes it special. This grand slam is well renowned, for the traditions that are absent from other tennis tournaments.

The main one that attracts divided opinion is the clothing. Players have to wear white for the match play. It is restrictive on players but this is not entirely a bad thing. In life, it is sometimes good, if an aspect of our work life is already defined. You can easily put a lot of energy on trivial matters at the expense of important ones.

Furthermore, the tennis players seem not to openly protest with the tradition. I will not to be surprised, if the collective views of the tennis players are mixed. Over the years, the women have risen to the challenge more than the men. They women have graced the courts, with various clothing designs in white and for men it has been a bit of a struggle. Only one person in the Men’s draw has risen to the challenge and that is Roger Federer.

He has collaborated with his sponsors; Nike to design smart clothing’s to wear on court and also at the pre and post tournament gala dinner events. This is one tradition that the women seem to really enjoy. It is a rare opportunity, to get away from their work attire, and to glamour up for a work occasion.

At the dinner event, food is of course served for attendees. This leads me to another tradition in Wimbledon, apart from the clothing. Snacks, ice creams, strawberries are on offer at the tournament to represent a summer season. Although, it seems appropriate because the tournament is played in the middle of the European season. It is a tradition that can be improved with a mixture of other continental snacks.

Lawn Tennis is a world sports and the food on offer, should represent the continental flavour of the fans and players. However, it will be tricky sitting at one of the venues eating traditional cooked African menu. But, it will be good to know that it is on offer.

I know how tricky, it can be sitting on one of the seats at Wimbledon, especially the open courts. I have been privileged to attend this Grand slam. While, I admit it is a well organised event, it makes you lean towards the reasons behind the traditions. One or two of the traditions can be relaxed or removed completely by the organisers.

For instance, requesting all players to wear white for matches, in my view should be relaxed in the future. The relaxation could be in the form of allowing players at open court to wear any colour. But keep the tradition for the show courts. I have already mentioned the variety of snacks should be widened to cater for all present at this tournament. There is another aspect, which is the cost of the merchandise.

I have enjoyed visiting Wimbledon each time and will recommend it to tennis fan. If they have the opportunity to attend this Wimbledon Grand slam. However, the cost of every aspect of the Grand slam is expensive. The entry ticket to the event, actual show tickets, snacks and merchandise are expensive. The organisers should subsidise the entry fee for adults with kids and free for kids to a certain age to make it value for money.

If you attending Wimbledon, it is best to avoid the show courts to really get value for your money. It allows you to dip from singles matches, to an enjoyable doubles match, while enjoying home made snacks or the costly snacks at the venue. It is your choice, but remembers there are security checks. You also have the opportunity, to catch up with your favourite tennis players, after their match for photographs or autographs.

The downside to staying at the open courts is you are at the mercy of the unpredictable weather. Also, you could lose out on watching the main contenders to win the tournament. This year, in the women’s draw it is for Serene Williams to lose. As the other contenders, this season have not been a match for her.

In the men’s draw, the title will be won between 4 players, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga and Andy Murray. However, due to the seeding and draw Roger Federer and Andy Murray are fighting for a place in the Final to meet Novak.

Kevin Anderson the only African representative in men’s draw is unlikely to feature in the Final. Although, looking at his possible opponents, I am hoping that, he at least gets to the fourth round. Where, he will be destined to meet 6th Seed Tomas Berdych. He is capable of beating Czech top player with his powerful service and okay ground strokes.

For the tournament organisers, apart from wishing for a dry weather, will be hoping Andy Murray reaches the final. Andy will be hoping that the back injury, which forced him out of the 2013 French Open, does not flair up and prevents him from competing to his potential. For British fans, they will be hoping, this year is the lucky one. There have been a lot of disappointments, as recent as last year, when Andy Murray lost out to Roger Federer, after a good start in the first set. We should not forget the many misses with Tim Henman, almost reaching the final on 4 occasions.

For me, I have realised that to win a Grand slam, it takes talent and luck to win it. Is Andy Murray lucky this year, only time will tell? We will know on 7th July 2013, when the Men’s Final is schedule to play. I am more interested, in the views of the readers as to whether they think Kevin Anderson will ever win a Grand slam. The immediate concerns are whether there are up coming African tennis players in the junior rank that we should be keeping tabs.

In regards to Wimbledon traditions, whether it has been instigated or happens naturally, what is important is that it should evolve with times.


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