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Human Rights Watch Urges Tanzanian Government and World Bank to Address Child Labor in Mines

August 28, 2013 3:51 pm0 comments

Dar Es Salaam –Human Rights Watch is calling upon the government of Tanzania and international agencies, like the World Bank to address the issue of child labor in Mines.

Human Rights Watch in a report released today says children as young as eight-years-old are working in Tanzanian small-scale gold mines, with grave risks to their health and lives.

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Reflections on the HRW Report: ‘Tanzania: Hazardous Life of Child Miners’

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Today the Human Rights Watch is launched a report titled ‘Tanzania: Hazardous Life of Child Miners’ report. In summary, the report boldly underlines the following issues: the sad reality of systematic child labour in mining industry especially in the small scale/artisanal mining; and children exposure to the mercury and other unimaginably worst working conditions that violate everything that has to do with ‘health and safety’. In respect to those, the report analyses both local and international legal instruments that could solve these issues, if enforced. This analysis highlights the weaknesses of legal acts in wealth generation activities that are driven by profit without due considerations to human rights and in this case child rights.

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Tanzanian Artisan Miners Grapple with Life

August 1, 2013 5:01 pm0 comments
Tanzanian Artisan Miners Grapple with Life

“I would have given up on this work long ago had it not been because of the urge that one day it will enable me to marry a beautiful wife and owning a house” laments a 28 year old Charles Limu an artisan miner in Tanzania who has spent the last 13 years toiling in a mine without success. The story of the 28-year-old Limu is not any different from that of the other artisan miners who are struggling to make ends meet by offering cheap labor in Tanzania’s emerging extractive sector. For Limu his journey began some 13 years ago when he left his native home in Tanga and […]

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